Contact lenses are a great way to improve your vision in addition to the wearing of glasses. For many years, however, people with problems such as astigmatism were told they were not good candidates for contact lenses. That changed with the development of toric lenses. But, what are these lenses and how do they help people see better? Optometric Images in Dublin, CA, is here to answer your questions.

What Makes Toric Lenses Different from Regular Lenses?

Toric contact lenses look like any other conventional contact lens. But where spherical contacts correct eyes with little to no unround deformity, toric lenses take into consideration this unround element of the eye. These deformities are due to either corneal or lenticular mis-shaping and a toric contact lens corrects both the spherical and the non-spherical measurement caused by the deformity. For people who have irregularly shaped eyes, this type of lens helps focus light in a way that makes their vision much clearer.

How Can Toric Lenses Help Me?

Most commonly, toric lenses are prescribed for people with astigmatism or other conditions in which the eye is shaped differently. Toric lenses allow people to see more clearly. Most notably, the lenses are designed to reduce or eliminate the glare or halo that forms around bright lights. In many cases, this can help people with severe astigmatism do activities such as driving at night.

There are different modalities of wear for toric contact lenses. Daily disposable, two week disposable and monthly disposable brands are all common types of lenses fitted by our doctor’s and used by today’s wearers.

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