As you age, it’s not uncommon to develop problems with your vision. Some of these problems may be due to cataracts. Cataracts cause cloudiness over the lens of your eye, which can impair your sight. At Optometric Images, serving residents of Dublin and Tri-Valley Area, CA, our optometrists can determine if you have cataracts and how they’re affecting your vision. Here are some signs that cataracts may be obstructing your sight.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision could be the result of a number of eye conditions, including cataracts. In the beginning stages of cataracts, you may notice a slight change in your vision. As cataracts grow, however, the cloudiness will cover more of the lens of your eye, blurring more of your sight.

Double Vision 

Cataracts can also cause double vision due to light being distorted when passing through the cloudy lens of your eye. If you’re experiencing blurred or double vision, contact our Dublin optometrist right away. Don’t wait until your condition worsens to see our optometry specialist, as it could put you at risk of permanent vision loss.

Sensitivity to Light 

Advanced cataracts may cause light to scatter as it tries to penetrate through the lens of your eye. As a result, you may become sensitive to strong light sources, like sunlight, overhead lights, or lights from car headlights at night.

Difficulty Reading 

Lots of people have trouble reading small print as they grow older. This problem could also occur due to cataracts. Our optometrist can determine if cataracts are impairing your vision. In the early stages of cataracts, we may recommend getting a stronger prescription to improve your sight.

Frequent Changes in Your Eyeglass Prescription

Another potential sign of cataracts is having to change your prescription more often to counter the effects of cataracts on your sight. Through regular eye exams, our optometrist can diagnose this condition, monitor its progress, and determine when you need cataract surgery.

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If you are experiencing any of these cataract symptoms, we can help. At Optometric Images in Dublin and Tri-Valley Area, CA, our optometrist will diagnose your condition and provide treatment. Call us today for an appointment.

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