Our screens are an integral part of our lives at this point. Most people rely on screens heavily for work, school, socializing, paying bills, managing their money, communication, and many other things. Regardless of how necessary screens seem to be, the truth is that screens can have an effect on our eyes over time. At Optometric Images, serving Dublin and Tri-Valley Area, CA, we want to help patients better understand how to use screens in a healthy way and how they can identify and avoid computer vision.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a term used to refer to the effects that prolonged screen time can have on our eyes and our vision. This condition is also sometimes called Digital Eye Strain. It is important to understand that prolonged use of screens will not permanently damage your eyes, but it can make you very uncomfortable. It can reduce your productivity as well.

Digital eye strain usually manifests as tired, achy, itchy eyes. This condition is linked to high levels of high energy visible light, blue light, emitted from screens. Your eyes must work harder to process blue light, which causes the strain.

Computer vision is also caused because we generally do not blink enough when we are looking at a screen.

Fixing the Problem

The best way to cut down on this problem is to use blue light filtering lenses. If you already have a prescription for eyeglasses, you can request that blue light filtering be added to your new pair. If you do not wear eyeglasses, you can purchase blue light filtering glasses.

You can also blink more often to keep your eyes moist. Taking breaks every hour is also a great way to cut down on eye strain.

If you are still having problems, you may want to use eye drops to increase your moisture or visit our optometry office to have your eyes checked out. Remember, your eye care is an important part of your health and productivity.

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