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Polarized Glasses to Suit Your Eyes and Our Sunny Climate

Did you know that our Dublin and Tri-Valley area get an average of 262 days of sunshine every year? To put that into perspective, the average for the country is 205 days and that fact may explain why so many of our patients are asking to try on polarized glasses.

If you have ever found yourself squinting in the sun’s glare, you need to try them on too. Even if you do not wear prescription glasses, polarized glasses can be a lifesaver for you. If you have ever found yourself driving only to have a beam of sunlight temporarily blind you, polarized glasses are great for you.

How Polarized Glasses Work

Sunlight’s natural tendency is to scatter in all directions. Until it settles in a flat surface like a lake or sidewalk, upon which it consolidates into light beams that bounce back and travel in a usually horizontal direction. This process is known as polarization, and the resulting glaring reflection reduces visibility. Polarized sunglasses fight this glare with a special filter that blocks this concentrated reflected light, and thus reduce discomfort and glare,

Join the Polarized Glasses Bandwagon

Polarized sunglasses have long been the choice of water skiers. surfers, and fishermen because they reduce the glare reflecting from the waves better than regular tinted lenses. People choose polarized sunglasses because they not only reduce the glare of the sun, they are helpful in reducing the impact of reflections coming from flat surfaces, and while driving, from their own car’s hood and light-colored pavements.

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