According to the CDC, 6.8% of children aged 18 years and younger are diagnosed with eye problems. Diagnosing eye problems early goes a long way in correcting the disease. Many parents take their children for pediatric exams, which allow eye doctors to conduct brief vision screenings. However, these screenings shouldn’t substitute for a comprehensive eye exam.

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An eye doctor uses special diagnostic tools to determine a child’s visual abilities and ocular health. If it’s been a while since you took your child for an eye exam, visit Optometric Images in Dublin, CA. We offer a broad range of eye services, including pediatric exams, and recommend suitable remedies for any diagnosed eye problem. Read on to learn why pediatric exams are essential.

Why Kids Need a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Although many schools perform vision screenings to identify vision problems that could affect a child’s ability to learn, comprehensive eye examinations are necessary. Vision screenings hardly detect all the vision problems affecting a child. Eye exams help identify vision problems that could impact a child’s safety and school performance. They also promote a child’s optimal learning by ensuring the following:

  • The child has comfortable and accurate eye-teaming skills
  • Accurate eye coordination and movement
  • Excellent visual acuity regardless of the distance
  • Improvement in the child’s ability to learn

When is the Best Time to Take a Child for a Vision Exam?

We begin care on children who are at age 5½ or starting in 1st grade.