Optometric Images has the leading optometrist in Dublin and the Tri-Valley Area, CA. We provide comprehensive eye exams for children and adults. We understand parents may be concerned about taking their children to an optometrist. We will address some common questions about pediatric eye exams.

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Are Pediatric Eye Exams and Adult Eye Exams Different?

Pediatricians are specially trained to deal with children’s unique needs, including their vision. As a result, pediatric eye exams differ from adult exams.

First off, pediatricians use special equipment designed for more minor patients. They also use different testing methods, such as picture recognition and eye movement tracking. In addition, pediatricians consider a child’s development when assessing their vision.

For example, an eye doctor in Dublin and Tri-Valley Area may recommend a child wear glasses if their vision is not improving as they age. By contrast, adult eye exams generally focus on factors such as refractive error and age-related vision changes. Therefore, pediatric eye exams are essential to keeping children’s vision healthy.

How Is a Pediatric Eye Exam Carried Out?

A pediatric eye exam is a routine test conducted to evaluate the condition of a child’s eyes. The exam generally includes a visual acuity test, which measures the child’s ability to see clearly at close and distant, and a refraction test, which assesses the need for glasses or contact lenses.

The doctor may also check for eye diseases like cataracts or glaucoma. In most cases, the exam is quick, painless, and provides essential information about the health of your child’s eyes. While there is always a small risk associated with any medical procedure, pediatric eye exams are generally safe and pose no significant risks to your child’s health.

How to Prepare My Child for a Pediatric Eye Exam?

If your child has a family history of vision problems, you may need to bring them in for more frequent exams. Preparing your child for an eye exam is essential to ensure that the experience is positive and informative. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start by talking to your child about why they are going to the doctor. Then, explain that the doctor will look at their eyes to ensure everything is healthy. If your child is old enough, show them pictures of other children getting their eyes checked. These pictures can ease fears or anxieties. Bring a favorite toy or blanket to help your child feel comfortable in the exam room. Try to stay calm and relaxed. This behavior will help your child stay calm.

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