At Optometric Images, a comprehensive eye exam helps our eye doctor in Dublin and Tri-Valley, CA, to diagnose, manage, and treat different eye disorders. We perform these exams to look for problems with the retina and cornea. Having your vision checked regularly allows your optometrist to treat eye problems before they worsen. Complete eye exams also allow us to fit you for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Reasons to Have an Eye Exam

There are many benefits to having an eye exam with our eye doctor, including:

  • Checking visual acuity: Certain parts of the eye begin to deteriorate as you age. Checking your vision regularly allows us to detect these changes.
  • Detecting eye diseases: Many serious eye conditions can cause blindness as they progress and have no symptoms. These conditions develop gradually, which can make it hard to detect. Eye exams allow our eye doctor to find these early on when they’re easier to treat.

After your eye exam with our optometrist, you can choose a pair of prescription glasses or glasses.

Choosing Eyeglasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses isn’t just about comfort, but also how you look in them. The best-looking eyeglasses should highlight your best facial features. The eyeglasses you choose should also reflect your personality, so it’s important to take some time to choose the best frames with our eye doctor in Dublin and Tri-Valley Area, CA.

Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

During an eye exam with our optometrist, we can determine if contact lenses or hard-to-fit contacts are right for you. We can answer any of your questions about them, including:

Can I lose a lens behind my eye? 

No, you cannot. The conjunctiva, which covers the sclera and the inside of the eyelids, is attached to the sidewalls of your eye socket. Essentially, there is nowhere for a contact lens to go.

Do I have to clean my contact lenses daily?

This depends on the type of contacts you choose. Hard extended wear lenses are designed to stay in the eyes for a while. However, soft contact lenses must be cleaned daily to ensure they are comfortable and don’t develop bacterial buildup, leading to an eye infection.

How do I clean my contact lenses?

First, wash your hands. Next, apply contact lens solution to the contact until it is fully submerged with liquid. Next, gently rub the lenses with your index finger.

How should I store my contacts? 

After cleaning them, put them in a lens case with a contact lens solution.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn about Glasses and Contact Lenses

At Optometric Images, our eye doctor in Dublin and Tri-Valley, CA, offers comprehensive eye exams to help you get the right prescription for your eye health. After your visit, you can choose eyeglasses or contact lenses, including hard-to-fit contacts (if you need them). To schedule an appointment at our eye center, give us a call at 925-479-0400 today.

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