Some are visible, like gray hair, wrinkles, muscle mass loss, physical weakness, and slowing. Other issues, however, are experienced, such as loss of vision, clarity, and hearing well. These things are simply part of the body growing older and eventually unable to perform as well as it did when young or middle-aged. That said, it doesn’t mean a person should just give up and never go outside again. Aging is simply a different part of life that people adjust to. With some good practice, a person’s vision can be protected and kept functional long into their senior years. Optometric Images in Dublin, CA, will schedule your routine eye exams as you age. Read below to see how our practice can continue to help.

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Tracking and Checking Regularly with an Optometrist

While most eye conditions happen slowly and build over time, they trigger key signals and signs that an eye doctor can pick up on with a standard eye exam or, for specific conditions, a specialized eye exam. In both cases, issues can be prevented or slowed considerably, extending eyesight and clear vision for years longer than not doing anything. Even if your sight seems fine, an eye exam is a good idea. Some eye conditions occur with no symptoms at all. Therefore, it’s best to check in annually with our optometrist.

Eye Exams

An in-depth vision exam by our will involves eye dilation, so the optometrist can see inside the eye. The vision exam procedure allows evaluation of the inner eye’s health and the ability to catch any observed issues that can signal problems, such as leaking blood vessels, swelling, or damage. In these cases, the appropriate eye care approach or condition response can then be prescribed or applied, depending on what is needed for the specific patient.

Local Senior Eye Healthcare in Dublin and the Tri-Valley Area

Optometric Images in Dublin, CA, regularly supports seniors with eye exams, eye care services, and vision correction options, including a wide array of eyeglasses and contact lenses. We can help! Call our office at (925) 479-0400 to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to assist you.